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Created 23-Jan-14
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The photographs in this gallery were taken with a pinhole camera. It is a camera with no lens, no light meter, no nothing. It is a wooden box with a tiny hole in the front and a cover over the hole. The photograph is taken by moving the cover away from the pinhole.
There is no viewfinder so I must guess at what will be in the photograph. It uses medium format 120 fils so the images are usually square. I also got a pinhole camera that takes wide shots, but I have not yet used it.
These shots are from a field near my home and are my first efforts with the pinhole.
Moving SkyHiding PlaceBranchesPine RootsClear and ColdDinosaur BonesLeading LinesWoodpileSun on the SnowCrooked SticksPrehistoricApproaching Storm

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