Jean Andersen(non-registered)
Looking at your photos is a wonderful escape.
Pamela Kramer
Love these photos! I cannot stop looing at them!
Michelle Hanson(non-registered)
Mike, you have incredible talent, amazing photos!!!
i love the new website. :)
Andy Hayter(non-registered)
Mike, great looking site and wonderful images. Lots of effort goes into building a site. Wonderful effort.
All your students(non-registered)
One of the most influential teachers of all time. They dont make them like him anymore.

"Mr. Donovan, herrrreeees your coke!" - car
Really breathtaking photos, dramatic captures in shapes and color too
good one buddy..
Eric P. Flowers(non-registered)
Happy Birthday, Mike!
website added to my favorites , amazing photoghraphs .
John Luther(non-registered)
I finally got your website in my favorites. Lot of great pictures. Really nice.
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