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  My next show will be in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  I will have a booth at the Hershey Arts and Plant show on Saturday, May 12.  Hoping for good weather and a good turnout.  Thanks.



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Final Arts and Crafts show of the year for me https://www.mikedonovanphotography.com/blog/2017/9/final-arts-and-crafts-show-of-the-year-for-me Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017 is the Carlisle Fall Harvest of the Arts.  It will be my final outdoor show of the year, as of right now.  If I get talked into doing a Christmas show, I will let you know.  Hope to see you in Carlisle.

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Final Shows for the Year https://www.mikedonovanphotography.com/blog/2017/9/final-shows-for-the-year Hey All,

  My last shows for the year are coming up.  On September 17 (Sunday) is Fort Hunter Day.  Fort Hunter Mansion and Park is on North Front Street north of Harrisburg.  It is a day of arts, crafts, and many activities.  You can tour the mansion and the grounds.  The following Saturday (Sept. 23) is the Carlisle Fall Harvest of the Arts.  That is a great show as well.  Hope to see you there.



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Next Show https://www.mikedonovanphotography.com/blog/2017/5/next-show Hello Everyone,

  The next show for me will be on May 13 and will be in Hershey Pa.  It is called Art on Chocolate and is a one day, outdoors arts and crafts festival.  There will be entertainment, food, and art.  I will be located between the theater and Cocoa Avenue in a grassy area.  Hope to see you there.


I also have a set of abstracts called Abstract Emotions hanging in the New Cumberland Public Library for the month of May.  If you are in the area, take a look.


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And so it begins https://www.mikedonovanphotography.com/blog/2016/2/and-so-it-begins Hello All,

  I am in the midst of printing a set of brand new notecards and next will start on some new images.  I am doing this for the Enola Emmanual United Methodist Church Arts and Crafts Show which is being held on March 11 (Friday evening) and March 12 (Saturday).  Usually it ends on Saturday at 2:00 pm so get there early.  I am hoping to be ready with some new stuff.  Maybe I will see you there.



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It's About Time https://www.mikedonovanphotography.com/blog/2015/12/its-about-time Well, it is about time.  Finally, I have a bit more to say.  I am in the midst of printing for a membership show for the Harrisburg Art Association.  The show is called Figuratively Speaking.  The main subject is to be the human figure.  Figure shows generally feature a number of nudes.  I am going entirely in the other direction.  My entries will be a guitar playing singer and a skateboarder with quite a collection of tatoos.  They are about as far away from nudes as one can get.  However, I am using this show for another reason.  The singer shot was processed with the express purpose of relating the feel and the vibe of the music and his show.  It is not really sharp like many of my photographs.  The light is quite unusual because it was outside and at night.  His face barely shows.  My usual work is quite straight forward, but I am trying to venture into the realm of a bit more art and a bit less document.  I am trying to tell more of a story with the photographs.

The skater is sitting on the sidewalk with other people behind him.  You can see a skateboard and a bike wheel also on the sidewalk.  He is, however the main center of attention, along with his tatoos.  This photo is sharper than the other since the tatoos are what I really want to show.  It is processed in a gritty style to match the scene.  I am hoping the scene reflects him and his world.  I want to tell a bit of his story.

Art is made to communicate.  You might scratch your head.  You might wonder what happened to all the sunsets.  You might think, the art world has gone off its rocker.  The artist does what he needs to in order to make a point.  I am just dipping my toe into that water.  The abstract emotions collection, the lonely carnival collection, and the hood ornaments collection are my first tenative steps into the communications world.  I am still photographing birds, the moon, sunsets, and landscapes, but it is also time for an opposing side to tell some stories.


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Upcoming shows https://www.mikedonovanphotography.com/blog/2015/9/upcoming-shows Hi Everyone,

  I want to let you know that I have a few shows coming up this fall.  I will be at booth 28 at the Carlisle Fall Festival of the Arts in (of course) Carlisle, Pa.  My booth should be near the Carlisle Theatre.  I will also be having a one man show at the  Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church for the month of October.  It is located at 2000 Chestnut Street, Camp Hill, Pa.  I will also have a one man show during November's play at the Oyster Mill Playhouse which is also located in the Camp Hill area.  Thanks.

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Nice News. https://www.mikedonovanphotography.com/blog/2015/4/nice-news Hi All,

  I just wanted to let you know about a few upcoming events into which I have been accepted.  I will have framed photographs on display at the New Cumberland Public Library for the entire month of April.  They are in the upstair gallery.  I also have a display of pinhole cameras and a camera obscura in the display case on the main floor.  Stop and take a look.

  I have also been accepted into the first annual Art on Chocolate arts and crafts festival in Hershey, Pa.  That will be held downtown on May 16.  I am anxious to see how it goes.  I am certainly hoping for good weather.

  I will be taking part in the Plein Air Camp Hill event on the last weekend of May.  The main day is May 30.  It is a plain air competition, but their will be sales of photography and painting.  You will be able to see painters and photographers working in the boro of Camp Hill in the week leading up to the event.

  I will have two pieces hanging in the Art Association of Harrisburg.  They were accepted into their annual open competition.  I will get the dates for you later.  

Well, that's all for now.  This will keep me busy enough.  I have not yet heard from the Holy Spirit Festival at Adams Ricci Park, but I plan to show up on April 25.  

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Seeing what's not there? https://www.mikedonovanphotography.com/blog/2015/2/seeing-whats-not-there Ah yes, it has been a while since I last put keys to screen.  I am taking a break from mat cutting, cleaning glass, and putting together metal frames.  I am preparing for a show in the New Cumberland Library for the month of April.  I will have to have between 25-40 framed prints ready to hang.  I will also need to write a bio, artist's statement, and make a poster announcing that my photographs are hanging upstairs.  I also will have a small display case in the downstairs.  I will be putting some pinhole cameras, a camera obscura, and some prints that i made with them in the display case.  I hate this weather but it is allowing me to be ready for the show.  There are many steps involved.

First, I need to choose the shots.  I am going to go with a few groups;  pinhole shots, black and white of the area, some from Australia, some kitchen tools, etc.  So I needed to go into each area and make choices.  They have to stand on their own and make a cohesive unit.  Once they are done, I need to have them printed.  Usually I print my own stuff, but this is a big job so I sent it out.  I ended up reprinting some of them to my own liking anyway.  

Next, I need to decide a mat and frame that would compliment each set.  I am going simple with off white mats and brown or black framing.  There will be a few silver because of the image.  I am now in the process of putting the mats together.  When I finish this blog, I am off to get the glass.  Then I will need to put everything together.

The point of this blog is to say that I have looked at these images too many times.  They are losing their impact with me.  I see only paper that is too thin, or a dust speck inside the glass, or a bit of an over cut on the mat.  It is easy to lose sight of the impact of the image.  Too much study is not a good thing.  I will be glad to get in the car and go for the glass.  When I return, the images might reveal the message that made me choose them in the first place.  I will try to stop looking for the weaknesses that might not even be there.  

I will hope to do what I want others to do.  Enjoy the work.  It is time to back off a bit and look at the images that I have chosen and commit to them and enjoy them.

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Spring Schedule https://www.mikedonovanphotography.com/blog/2015/1/spring-schedule Hi Everyone,

  I have some upcoming events so I thought I would post the spring schedule as I know it right now.  If there are any changes, I will post them in a new entry.

February 13-March 14 2015:  I will have two photographs hanging in the Membership Show of the Carlisle Arts Learning Center.  The theme of the show is Going Green.  The gallery is located at 18 W. Pomfret Street in Carlisle, Pa.

February 13-March 6 2015:  I will have three photographs hanging in the Small Image Show at the Mechanicsburg Art Center.  The gallery is located at 18 Artcraft Drive, Mechanicsburg, Pa.

March 20-21 2015:  I will have a booth at the eleventh annual Enola Emmanual United Methodist Church located on Salt Road in Enola, Pa.  Friday hours are 4-8 pm Friday evening and 9 am - 2pm on Saturday.

April 1-30, 2015:  I will be showing at the New Cumberland Public Library for the month of April in the gallery and the display case.  I will have a variety of works including pinhole photographs and (hopefully) some camera obscure images.  The library is located at 1 Benjamin Plaza, New Cumberland, Pa.






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Photographs as Memories https://www.mikedonovanphotography.com/blog/2014/11/photographs-as-memories I have been spending quite a bit of time in the last few months going through the photographs that we took on a recent (June-July, 2014) trip to Australia.  It takes a while to go through 8,000 images and some videos as well.  The first step was to cull out the ones that I don't really need to see again.  They may have bad exposure or bad focus or someone who walked into the frame.  There are many ways for something to go wrong. After making the first cut, I then chose some to be shared on Facebook with friends.  The next step was to choose shots that were representative of each of our stops and make portfolios out of those.  I will also be printing some to use in shows next year as well as putting some on this website.  The final step will be to choose the shots I want to use in a book that I am going to self publish.

The beauty of going through all these shots is that I get to take the trip all over again.  I spend time laughing, looking in wonder, remembering, and missing the country and our friends that we visited.  Going through the photographs brought back such great memories.  Having them is like having slices of time in my computer.  At the time, I tried to strike a balance between taking photographs and looking without the camera.  I usually would look and try to burn it into my mind, then get the shot.  Later, the computer would help me make it look the way I wanted it to look.  It is one of my great joys in travel to know that I will have images of my memories.  Taking photographs is really fun and later, it reveals what I thought was important or beautiful about wherever I was visiting.  

In this day and age, photo albums are a bit like the Model T.  They were really cool, but they are a bit faded now.  I have stored every single frame that I took on our trip in digital form.  Some of them I will never look at, but it makes me feel good that the entire trip as I saw it still exists.  Native Americans have a saying that you can never step into the same river twice.  Everything that I photographed on that trip is changed in some way or another.  I, however, have our trip frozen and it will always be there for me to see.  Get those photo albums out and take a look.  Take a moment and savor your pictures from long ago trips.  Take a look at family albums.  It may bring back some bittersweet memories, but there is some sort of peace in knowing that you still have something in your hand that is an important part of your life.  And you always will.

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November 1 https://www.mikedonovanphotography.com/blog/2014/10/november-1 I forgot to mention that I will be at Hershey High School on Nov. 1 for an arts and crafts show.  Maybe I will see you there.


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Symbols of Speed https://www.mikedonovanphotography.com/blog/2014/10/symbols-of-speed I recently went to the Hershey Antique Auto Show.  I am told it is one of the largest in the world, if not the largest.  There were all kinds of tools, parts, mirrors, lights, tires, etc.  There was just about anything for any car.  I took a camera with me, of course, to see if there would be anything interesting.  I finally ended up concentration on the cars themselves and especially the hood ornaments.  I loved the symbolism in the ornaments.  They wanted to demonstrate the speed, power, and strength of the cars they were ornamenting.  

I loved the smooth lines of the ornaments.  They had such fluid shapes and clean lines.  The whole point was to show the wind slicing power of the vehicle.  Now, you may think it was strange that I would be at this huge show and concentrate on something as small as the hood ornaments.  In fact, it wasn't the ornaments themselves, it was their shapes and lines.  I even took color out of the equation by editing them in black and white to emphasize shapes rather than color.  

The point is that there are times when the subject matter is secondary to the line, shape, and even color of the object.  Of course, don't forget about the light.  That is paramount.  It was a cloudy day when I was at the show, but that was perfect.  I had no concerns about the strong contrast that sunlight can bring.  It made the exposures easier and it didn't produce reflections of the sunlight on the chrome and the paint.  So even thought the light wasn't bright, it was perfect.  

I truly enjoyed looking at all the ornaments.  It gave me a focus (ha ha) in the huge mass of antiqueness.  It gave me a series and some work on my black and white processing.  I always need to keep my eyes open.

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Light in Australia https://www.mikedonovanphotography.com/blog/2014/9/light-in-australia Hi all,

  Kelly and I have returned from an extended stay in Australia and a week in New Zealand.  I was impressed by quite a few things on our trip.  The gum trees, especially the ghost gums, were beautiful.  The landscape ranged from mountains to desert.  It included the bush and the beach.  The oceans (Pacific and Indian) were beautiful and the color of the water was spectacular.

  The single most impressive object was Uluru (formerly called Ayers Rock).  It was a huge, and I do mean huge, rock in the middle of the desert.  It was a 6 mile walk around the base.  The sunsets were spectacular there as was the night sky.  

The city of Sydney was wonderful as are the people of Australia.  However, as a photographer, one thing stood out above all.  And that is the light, especially the evening light of Australia.  It was golden.  It was like some sort of golden maple syrup was poured over everything.  I am told that the ozone layer above Australia is gone so maybe that has something to do with it.  It also, I am told, is so rich because of Australia's distance from the equator.  Whatever the reason, it was beautiful.

Ok, you may ask.  Where are the pictures of this wonderful light?  Well, I have been putting some on my personal facebook account so if you are on facebook, you can see them there.  The problem is that I took about 7800 images.  And that doesn't count the videos.  I am working on them day by day.  I have the first cut done and am choosing through the second culling.  The work only begins when you take the shot.

The trip reminded me that photography is about line, shape, color, and form.  However, above all, it is about light.  Good light can turn a good composition into a great image.  It can be the subject of the shot.  It can bring life to textures and depth to your image.  The light is the thing.  Look for light and use it to say what you want to say.

I will continue to work on choosing shots and editing them.  This all takes time, but be assured, I will have a set of shots from Australia when I have chosen a manageable amount.  Until then, look at the light.

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Shows https://www.mikedonovanphotography.com/blog/2014/9/shows Hi Everyone,

  It has been a long time since I have been here.  I have just returned from nearly 2 months in Australia and New Zealand.  I have been going through the work and will put up some new stuff as soon as I get through the nearly 8000 shots.  I did want to let you know that I will be at the Carlisle Fall Festival of the Arts on Saturday, Sept. 20 and at Hershey High School on Saturday, Nov. 1.  Hope to see you there.  Meanwhile, back to the computer.  I will post a blog about the trip in the coming weeks.  Stay well.

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A Quick Info https://www.mikedonovanphotography.com/blog/2014/4/a-quick-info I will have two arts and crafts shows this spring.  One is April 4 -5 at the Enola Emmanual United Methodist Church and the other is on April 26 at Adams-Ricci Park in East Pennsboro.  The second on is the Holy Spirit Hospital Spring Festival.  I have also been accepted to take part in the Camp Hill Plein Air Festival in early May.  I also have two photographs hanging in the spring show at the Mechanicsburg Art Center. 


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A Big Problem https://www.mikedonovanphotography.com/blog/2014/3/a-big-problem Hello,

  I recently went to a weekend photography workshop in Wilmington, Delaware.  I took classes in black and white darkroom (digital), choosing paper for the image, street photography, image editing, and a few others.  As I sat there and tried to take it all in, I began to recognize a big problem.  In photography, as in many things in life, the more you know, the more there is to know.  

  I felt like there is no way that I can use all the knowledge that i gained over the weekend.  That is because the knowledge I gained over the weekend opened more doors to more hallways to more . . . well, you get the idea.  I have recently been using the pinhole camera and the class on black and white image editing made me want to start all over again with the editing of the pinholes.  And I just might do that.  

There was a class on using a scanner in place of a camera.  Now I have to give that a try.  It does work for certain things.  I, like all of us, would like more time to give this stuff a try.  Time is fleeting and the time to give it a shot is now.  I have made two images with my scanner and I have reworked some of my black and white stuff.  

I guess the secret that no one can do it all.  The idea is to do as much as possible and use the skills that you have been able to develop.  I suppose the idea is to choose the skills or techniques that lend themselves to what I want to say or share with my photography.  I will need time to figure that out.  

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Pinhole Photography https://www.mikedonovanphotography.com/blog/2014/1/pinhole-photography I recently purchased two new cameras.  They have no lenses.  They have no shutter release.  They have no viewfinder.  They have no batteries.  In fact, they are not much more than a wooden box with a tiny hole in the front.  They are pinhole cameras.  I purchased one from a company called ZeroImage and the other from a new startup called Ondu.  Both cameras are crafted of wood and are beautiful in their own right.   Both are film cameras and use 120 film, which is also called medium format.  I have shot 4 rolls in a field near my home and the results are now on the website.  Take a look.

I have decided to try pinhole work for a few reasons.  One is that it forces me to work much more slowly.  Since there is no viewfinder, I must estimate what will be seen on the image.  I have a handheld viewfinder that came with one of the cameras, but it is strictly guesswork.  The lack of a viewfinder and the small number of negatives on a roll of film also makes me look thoroughly at my surroundings before committing to the shot.   It also forces me to pay more attention to the light so that I can get a proper exposure.  Most are 2 seconds or more.  It makes me think back to the sunny 16 rule.  I had also forgotten the thrill (or disappointment) of sitting in the car outside the camera shop staring at negatives with the windshield of the car as my lightbox.  


I also love the look of the pinhole image.  It is much softer than a standard photograph.  It looks a bit like some of the work done in the early days of photography.  The tones and/or colors are much softer as is the overall feel of the image.  I am thinking that the first comment will be that I don't know how to focus a camera.  It is true, I don't know how to focus a pinhole camera.  It can't be done.  What I get is what I get.  Maybe it is the unreliability that makes it fun.  Please take a look at the pinhole gallery and see if you like the look and feel of an antique method of getting an image.  

I am going to continue to practice and hopefully will improve.  I think pinhole photography would be great on some of the older buildings in the area.  When it warms up a bit, I am going to see what else I can do with the pinhole.  If you wish, let me know what you think. 

mkdon2@yahoo.com (Mike Donovan Photography) Mike Donovan antique black and white monochrome photograph photography pinhole pinhole photography vintage https://www.mikedonovanphotography.com/blog/2014/1/pinhole-photography Fri, 24 Jan 2014 02:30:01 GMT
Videre https://www.mikedonovanphotography.com/blog/2013/11/videre I recently supported a project on Kickstarter called Videre.  It consisted of the conception and creation of a pinhole camera for 120 film.  It is made of cardboard and comes on two flat sheets.  My job was to punch out the shapes and put the thing together.  I have quite a few hours into the construction of the camera, but I finally got it finished and loaded with film.  Yes, film.  I have not yet taken any pictures with it, but it certainly made me think of what cameras once were and what they now are.

A pinhole camera is just what it says.  It is a box in which film is loaded and the photograph is taken through a pinhole in the side of the box.  They can also be made from oatmeal tubes or, really, any kind of light tight box.  The first photograph was actually taken in a room with a hole in the wall.  The whole room was the camera, so the pinhole camera is just a very small version of that.  It uses film so you must get it developed (or do it yourself), scan a negative, and start to work with the image.  Or just let it as is.  The beauty of pinhole photography is that you can never be quite sure of what you are going to get.  There is a sort of excitement that looking at the screen at the back of my digital camera can't quite match.  The other thing, and perhaps more important, is that it makes me slow down.  Each roll of film has a limited number of exposures.  I can't try 30 different things on the same scene.  I need to think it our carefully first.  Then hope I got it right. 

Working more slowly is something that is pretty foreign in the days of digital.  Way back when, there was no choice but to work slowly.  The exposures were very long and it was all guesswork before light meters.  Exposures could be measured in minutes or even hours at times.  S L O W   It meant taking the time to decide what was really worth all the work of photographing it.  Then getting it right.

Cameras now get it right for us.  They expose the light really well.  They focus automatically.  They advance to the next shot with lightning speed.  We change lenses, ISO, or exposure compensation any time we want.  We don't have to wait until the next roll of film to change speeds.  Cameras now are truly incredible and will get to be even more amazing.  However, one thing has not changed from the pinhole camera to the most awesome digital camera.  And that is that someone has to take the picture.  You and I need to look and choose what is worth our time.  We need to see what is around us so we know what to include in the photographic message we hope to convey.  We need to see, think, and decide.  That will never change.


mkdon2@yahoo.com (Mike Donovan Photography) Donovan Mike blog camera cameras photography pinhole https://www.mikedonovanphotography.com/blog/2013/11/videre Sun, 17 Nov 2013 01:04:40 GMT
The Finished Product https://www.mikedonovanphotography.com/blog/2013/10/the-finished-product I am finishing preparation for a show in the Oyster Mill Playhouse.  It will hang during a few weeks in November and consists of photographs of the American West.  It will hang in conjunction with the play Annie Get Your Gun.  As I was working, I began to think about all the steps involved in preparing a photograph in becoming the piece that I am satisfied to show.

I talked before about the actual taking of the photograph being the first step.  The photograph itself is full of potential.  It can become (hopefully) what I envisioned when I took it.  Of course, there are the steps of exposure, choosing a composition, focus, shutter speed, aperture, and all that goes into actually capturing the shot.  From that point on, the world is my oyster, as they say. 

My first steps are cropping, color correction, sharpening or smoothing, and all the things that lead to the vision I had in mind.  However, after that, there are some very important decisions to be made.  The choices are not finished.  Presentation is a truly important factor to which many of us do not give enough thought.  There many ways to present your work.  For this show, I have decided to present a consistent presentation, since the subject of each photograph is related.  I have matted the work in an off white (creme colored) mat.  I then framed each one in a brushed metal frame (bronze) so it would not look too shiny and new.  I decided against wood because I wanted all the attention on the actual photographs and the bronze metal is easier to keep looking nice.  It also makes each piece look a bit more classic with a small thin frame as an outside border.  Even though I have been doing this for quite a while, I am always amazed at how much better they looked under glass.

However, you don't need to present your work in frames.  You can mount your piece on wood or metal.  You can build a topic or theme into a book.  There are many online publishers that make great books.  I use blurb, but there are many.  You can print on canvas, matte, or glossy paper.  You can show them from a tablet or even a phone.  You can put a portfolio on CD or DVD.  You can use an old school portfolio book.  You have many presentation choices.

You can have your images printed on glass.  They can be printed on metallic paper.  They can be printed on actual metal sheets.  There are a million choices in this day and age.

After you take the photograph, the fun will continue.  Think about what you want to do with it.  Print it?  You have many options of paper and other materials on which to print.  A portfolio?  You can have a digital portfolio or an actual portfolio book.  A book?  You have a choice of many online publishers.  Mat and Frame it?  Mat colors abound and so do frame choices. 

Take the photograph.  Make it the best image that you can.  Then present in the way you think is best.  If your work is never seen, it has value only to you.  Share your vision.

mkdon2@yahoo.com (Mike Donovan Photography) Mike Donovan blog photographs photography presentation presenting your work https://www.mikedonovanphotography.com/blog/2013/10/the-finished-product Sat, 19 Oct 2013 13:48:52 GMT