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Hello, this is Mike Donovan. I have featured a new portfolio of black and white photographs of antique hood ornaments. These were taken at the Hershey Antique Auto Show. I was taken by the way the hood ornaments symbolized the speed and power of the vehicles. I hope you enjoy them.

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Symbols of Speed

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Created 11-Oct-14
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Symbols of Speed

Guestbook for Mike Donovan Photography
10.Eric P. Flowers(non-registered)
Happy Birthday, Mike!
website added to my favorites , amazing photoghraphs .
8.John Luther(non-registered)
I finally got your website in my favorites. Lot of great pictures. Really nice.
7.Lauren Powell(non-registered)
Your photo's are truly amazing. Thank you for sharing them with me.
6.Kathy G.(non-registered)
Awesome work Mike! Loved it all, hard to pick a favorite, but I really liked the fog over the Susquehanna with the city skyline, and all the travel photos, and the birds, and.....
Really great! Thanks for sharing.
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